Friday, May 28, 2010

Last seven months ...

It has been seven months since my last post - can't believe.

Last seven months have been very exciting, learning a lot ... (just trying to gather where I spent these seven months).

When I was posting my previous blog, I was in reading a magazine and was waiting for my turn to demonstrate Hawkboard ... lot of things have progressed on hawkboard since then. We were able to manufacture hawkboards, with software coming along, hosted site, created logo, multiple events, presentations. It was really good to get Farnell, IDA and Special Computing to distribute hawkboards world wide. I am personally happy with the way Hawkboard is moving in the community. Very good experts in community have started using hawkboard and my work has totally reduced since then. Not able to spend any good time on cleaning up the software, lot of things are pending from my side on migrating to new kernel, getting hawkboard patches upstream, getting hawkboard in u-boot mainline, etc. I have very good demos from Koen Kooi, Roger Monk and many folks from community, have to spend some time to make videos, etc.. - When will I do these ..... ?

Following hawkboard, I started looking into Sitara (tm texas instruments) family of processors . Looks like the ARM portfolio is stretched from MCUs to High End Applications processors. While my year 2009 ended with few presentations at and ARM Symposium, the 2010 started on an easy front, with very little coding :( , limited community interactions and tutorials, etc. Hope I will pick up on these.

Since last month the excitement is high... I have started moderating - the Android portal for OMAP3, Mentor graphics team has done really good job, I was able to get my OMAP3 machines running Android in no time... looks like I will continue doing Android for some more time. I have no idea of Android apps, very poor in Java :) or :( - thought I would start spending time this weekend on Android SDK. Hope no one disturbs....

Am I missing some thing - yeah my all time favorite beagle - I should have tried and planned for ESC where Beagle XM is getting launched. The efforts from Gerald Coley is really amazing, he has considered lot of community view points like Camera connector, Ethernet, USB HUB and many more. I plan to work on Android for Beagle XM next week. In two weeks I should have Beagle XM running Android with SGX drivers integrated. BTW, you will soon get SGX drivers on

What else... ? watch me more live on mailing lists for and and

Looking forward to re-initiate Beagle clinics and be prepared for hawk tawks.....!!!