Thursday, August 11, 2011

An yearly update

Multiple thoughts keep me away from blogging :

1. I always think before writing, will this benefit any one? what does one get by reading this material? am I giving some thing back, etc
2. Is wordpress better than blogspot, I also got my own domain nothing started yet.
3. Should I just use twitter or facebook and avoid blogging?

But when ever I see the analytics for this blog page, I get another set of confidence that there is some one who is interested in reading.

Anyways, I have finally decided that I am going to continue blogging and using the same page for some more time :)

Where am I today ?
As per my last post I am involved in - a community portal for TI Android. Trying my best to get Android on all ARM based devices Sitara(tm) from Texas Instruments. Android has become my favorite subject now, every day a new issue to solve, a new component to integrate, a new framework to optimize. I am just loving it !!!

My passion is always open source and community and through Android I am getting closer to products which was difficult when I was doing just Linux drivers. Today getting a complete device up is just few hours away. By getting Android on, Craneboard and many community platforms meets both my hobbies open platforms and open software.

My next plans:

I have lots in mind, no time to execute them all. One thing I realized with the failure of my hawk efforts - if you cannot give time then don't enter or go near it. I don't want to repeat the mistake again. There fore I am just focusing on what I can do or what I can handle.

I want to give best of Android through, but always get caught in some work on the other, trying my best to get apps, demos, devices. Hope it gets done and helps community.

Will continue on Android for now - no open hardware plans for me yet.... :(

Upcoming blogs
I will start writing more of my thoughts on and Android. I will not focus on technical aspects here that is good to go on