Saturday, October 10, 2009

Product of the Year so far .... ?

While I was waiting in the lobby I happened to open this magazine called Product Design & Development. Interestingly on page 24 I read this survey or question

"What has been the 2009 Product of the Year so far ? "

One says it is a signal generator and other says it is Cube from Nissan but actually the first person named Mr. Andrew Weiman says a lot different. I am not sure if I will be violating the copyright, but can't stop printing this on my blog. The lines are "The product of the year isn't a product at all - it's the community". The answer really made me go further down in the article, it says that most innovative business entities this year were using product as platform to create community.

The definition of community from Andrew is really good, "Community is about engaging customer, its about listening, getting buy-in and responding to needs". Its all about giving community access to develop their own product using parent brand as platform - new products or applications that meet new unmet needs.

The second and third paragraphs highlights the communities built around google applications and the iphone applications, also mentions about the Linux and wikipedia leveraging the community efforts.

Last line gives "2009 is the year of the community and the most innovative companies are leading the way", I see the author is from is bresslergroup, not sure if they have tried beagleboard in there desings, at least they should look at the

I truely agree with the answer, this year there were multiple projects driven by / of and for the community and community has performed beyond the expectations. Good to know that in magazines targetted towards Product Design are having open communits analysts.

Something about the status of my work, last couple of weeks were quite busy with lot of travels, amazing amazing and really amazing part was meeting Koen Kooi, Jason Kridner and Gerald Coley.

This month started with "dspisopen" my presentation to give all an insight on how easy it is to use DSP from Linux for non-multimedia applications or for just running a c file on DSP through ARM. Lot of thinking process is going on in the mind, hope I will have some good and simple way of using DSP from ARM. We know there are tons of DSP algorithms which are open, if there is a means to support usage of these in Linux then it would be a really great experience.

We presented to multiple people to get there first opinion, I am sure we are still making towards early adopters program/launch by end of October.

Gerald brought a good point of starting a initiative on beagleboard called "beagle biscuits", meant to be intesting and cool demos on beagle.

Above all I got hold of Jason's Always innovating touch book, I still have a pending request to allow me to carry it back home to do some cool stuff with the same - hope this gets approved :)

Hawkboard has come along well, all peripherals are working fine, I was able to pull QT and run it on the board, finally we should be starting early adopter program will start as soon as I have kernel patches in davinci GIT tree and hopefully port the u-boot latest on hawkboard and get similar support on the denx tree. I have tried to clarify lot of questions from community about the intiative on Also got a google groups mailing list exclusively for hawkboard users.

I am out of hawkboards for kernel development now, should start looking at this from next week on wards. Also almost all tasks from my previous blog posts are still pending... hope I will get time to quickly work on the same.

Thanks for reading the blog, any suggestions are welcome on khasim at beagleboard dot org, please feel free to get more hawkboard updates from

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Gireesh said...

hi khasim,
Am Gireesh, student of IIT Madras.
Happy to read such initiatives from open source community, India. Because I was contacting OpenMoko team who is building new Ben-Nanonote to get handheld computing devices.
Let me know if HawkBoard has been released and way to get one from Chennai.

Wish you all the best!!!!